The Special Coordinator of RAMSI, Mr. Tim George has officially launched the Solomon Islands Media Assistance Scheme (SOLMAS) at the RAMSI office at Lei Lei, last Friday.

Speaking at the ceremony, Coordinator of the SOLMAS, Ms. Corallie Ferguson, said that the scheme is aimed at strengthening media organizations in the country.

Ms. Ferguson revealed that SOLMAS is a project by the RAMSI and has only been in place for six weeks.

Over the weeks they have been organizing functions to expand their relationship with the Solomon Islands media industry also adding that "this project is for all the media organizations in the country."

Ms. Ferguson said that RAMSI sees the media as a component that plays a very important role in the Solomon Islands.

She stated that SOLMAS is established in the country to further strengthen the partnership between RAMSI and media organizations. She also stated that RAMSI will provide information, improve and give recognition to the work of the Solomon Islands media.

Ms. Ferguson also revealed that one component of the project is to strengthen the effectiveness of the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Cooperation (SIBC) and according to her, improvements of the local media are happening now.

The launching ceremony was attended by various media organizations and has given journalists confidence and a strong mind in realizing their role as a part of the media.

Ms. Ferguson in acknowledging the contributions of the CNURA government towards the project, revealed that they will be opening a SOLMAS office.