This year 2013, the International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) will be celebrated worldwide on the 13th of October, with the theme "Living with disability and disaster". Representing one-fifth of the world's population, persons living with disabilities have unique contributions, often overlooked, to help reduce the risk of disasters and build

In Solomon Islands, these issues will be highlighted in a one week (13th to 18th October) of promotion and awareness on the theme of this year's IDDR.

The week long program will begin with an official opening by government officials and relevant stakeholders at the Honiara City Council area today. Following the opening speeches, there will be a radio talk back show on the National Broadcaster - the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC). This radio show will feature senior government disaster officials and those from the relevant stakeholders.

Representing the disable people will be the heads of the Special Disability Center (Solomon Islands Red Cross) and the School of San Sidro.

During the radio talk back show, the public will have the opportunity to discuss issues such as allowing for more inclusive participation and decision making for the disable populace, and more attention to this group before, during and after disasters.

As part of its project called the "Child Centered Climate Change Adaptation (4CA)"- the Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT) will be celebrating the IDDR with the disable children of the Special Disability Center (Solomon Islands Red Cross) on Monday the 14th. The actual activities will feature these special needs children doing art work, colouring, and straw painting on different disasters facing the country.

Activities which the public will have the opportunity to see include actual lessons on disaster related topics using auslane (deaf) and braille (blind) languages. Other related activities involve reading, writing, mobility skills and singing. Certain schools in Honiara and those near the capital will also have the opportunity to listen to awareness talks from the government (NDMO) and relevant stakeholders during the week.

Students of these schools will be able to receive information on government disaster emergency plans for this disadvantaged group, and why it is important to include them in decision making.

During the week, visits will be made to the disability centers such as San Sidro and the Special Disability Center.

At these disability schools, awareness talks will be conducted and discussions will be made with the school authorities on how to include them in disaster risk reduction planning and policies.

The general public of Honiara and other urban centers will visit booths created by the government and stakeholders, at which information on their different roles and responsibilities will be freely accessed.

In Honiara the booths will be erected at the Honiara City Council area. This week long celebration will be covered by the mainstream media in Solomon Islands, particularly the print, radio and T.V.


Press Release: Red Cross