Christians in Solomon Islands have been invited to participate in the Global Day of Prayer this coming Sunday, 31st May.

May 31st also marks Pentecost Sunday. On Pentecost Sunday, Christians in 212 nations of the world will meet together in a variety of locations to pray.

A member of the committee organizing the event in Honiara, Judson Leafasia, says permission has been granted to mark the Global Day of Prayer at the Parliament compound.

Dr Leafasia says the prayer event will be held between five and seven o'clock on Sunday evening.

"If you hear this information, you can call your church or any group of people or as an individual to pray. This prayer is to glory our God and is based on the Lord's Prayer to ask His Kingdom to come to us and for God to bless our nation."

This is the 4th Global Day of Prayer. This prayer movement began in the year 2000 in South Africa with a call for the Christians of that nation to pray and repent.

By 2005 this prayer movement grew to a global call for the people of God to unite in prayer and repentance, and to work together as God's servants for the blessing and healing of the nations of the world.

Pentecost, which means "fifty", originated with the giving of the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai to the Jewish nation 50 days after they left Egypt on the day after the first Passover.