Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says Solomon Islands cannot afford to be complacent.

Speaking in parliament today, Sogavare said COVID-19 has affected a lot of countries with the United States recording the highest number of cases now.

He said Solomon Islands cannot be complacent in its work to avoid COVID-19. Sogavare said only a divine intervention will protect Solomon Islands from contracting the coronavirus.

Sogavare said for this very reason, his government is encouraging Solomon Islanders to keep on praying.

“For this very reason why we still allow churches to continue. Only a heavenly intervention can save us now”, Prime Minister Sogavare said.

In addition Opposition leader, Mathew Wale in parliament said while allowing churches to continue, congregants must not forget to abide by the health guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

“Practice distancing in church, wash hands often with soap and water. We cannot live on faith alone but must also practice advices as given by the wisdom of our health workers”, Wale said.

This week for most Christians is Holy Week. It is the last week of the Lent Season for mostly Anglicans and Catholics.

Apart from Christmas this is a time where a lot of faith believers congregate in church to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Most Churches throughout the world had been banned to congregate because of the coronavirus.

Parliament is currently debating the ‘Proclamation by His Excellency the Governor
General declaring a State of Public Emergency’ in Solomon Islands on the 25 th of March 2020.

This is in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If parliament approves this proclamation, the state of public emergency shall continue in force until the expiration of a four month period.