As of the 20th of January 2020 passengers travelling from Papua New Guinea (PNG) will be required to provide proof of measles vaccination.

The new requirement was made following a directive issued by the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS).

The MHMS says that it will be mandatory for those passengers traveling from PNG to fill out a Traveller Health Declaration card prior to entering Solomon Islands.

Proof of vaccination will need to be in the form of a vaccine card or vaccination records from recognized practitioner/hospital.

The advice will not apply to infants below six months, pregnant women or those transiting from a country not affected by the measles outbreak.

Precautionary measures have been taken since the outbreak of measles in Samoa. The outbreak began in September 2019. As of 6 January 2020, there were 5,697 confirmed cases of measles and 83 death. As of 22 December, an estimated 94% of the eligible population had been vaccinated after a nationwide vaccination campaign.

Measles is a contagious infectious disease caused by the measles virus. Symptoms usually develop 10–12 days after exposure to an infected person and last 7–10 days. Initial symptoms typically include fever, often greater than 40 °C, cough, runny nose, and inflamed eyes.