Government's Special Envoy to RAMSI, Michael Maina, stated that there is an overwhelming support from all sectors of the society for RAMSI to remain in the country.

Mr Maina said that the expanded consultation with various sectors of the community, including the government, has indicated that RAMSI should remain.

Mr Maina also said that contrary to what some people may think, the Prime Minister, and Ministers of the crown also wanted RAMSI to remain. Mr Maina says that the only contentious issue is the planned improvements to the Facilitation Act.

Maina said that it seems that when these areas are highlighted by the government to RAMSI, the media reports it as disagreements between the government and RAMSI.

"Whenever the government decides to tell RAMSI to improve on certain things, the media usually interprets it wrongly, making it look like there is a conflict between RAMSI and the government," Maina said. "I can only confirm that the working relationship has always been good, except some times people try to debate it without having to come to realise the real issues the two parties want to improve on."

Mr Maina says RAMSI, being a partnership between the government and 16-members of the Pacific Islands Forum taking part in it, needs continuous dialogue for long term improvements.

He says if there are no improvements, Solomon Islands public, the civil society, donor countries and participating countries will speak up.

Mr Maina says there has been cordial relationship between the government of Solomon Islands, the people and RAMSI.