Cabinet has made a decision that Solomon Islanders studying in Fiji, PNG and Philippines are to remain in their respective host countries.

Secretary to Prime Minister (SPM) Dr. Jimmie Rodgers say the biggest challenge faced by government now is the lack of quarantine spaces.

Rodgers says a huge number of students are currently studying in universities in Fiji, PNG and the Philippines. He said the students are studying in affected countries and it is safer they remain where they are.

Rodgers say government will make sure these students are well looked after. 

“Until such time their host countries decides it unsafe for our students then we will have no option but to get them back”, Rodgers said.

At the same time Solomon Islanders residing in Fiji have been urged to respect and take heed of measures imposed by the Fiji Government.

The Solomon Islands High Commission in Fiji is working closely with the Foreign Affairs Ministries of Solomon Islands and Fiji to ensure accurate information and advice is disseminated appropriately to relevant authorities in the two countries.

The Solomon Islands High Commissioner, H.E William Soaki appeals to Solomon Islanders living in Fiji to take heed of advisories issued by the Government of Fiji, through its Ministry of Health and Medical Services and other relevant authorities.

Soaki gives the assurance that daily communications with relevant ministries and authorities in Honiara will ensure appropriate actions be taken in light of border restrictions, lock-downs and safety of Solomon Islanders.

It is understood that more than 2000 Solomon Islanders are studying in various institutions in the region.

Fiji has the highest number of Solomon Islanders at its education institutions.