Solomon Islanders are encouraged to use digital platforms to pay for goods and services.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, Central bank Governor, Dr. Luke Forau says this will reduce the practice of exchange of bank notes for goods and services.

In an interview, Forau says it is about time Solomon Islanders utilize the digital platforms available.

He said by practicing this routine, this will encourage social distancing.

“Use ATMs instead of going to the banks and try as much as possible to use Eftpos machines placed in shops”, Forau said.

The central bank governor said people have been wary of the bank notes and have questioned whether the notes are safe and free from COVID-19.

He assures the public the bank notes are also quarantined for 14 days upon arrival in the country.

“I understand a lot of the essential services now have digital platforms. People should try using those platforms”, Forau said.

Currently Solomon Post provides an innovative mobile based financial services called Ezi Pei.

Customers are able to do money transfers, banking and payment services via their mobile phones.

ANZ bank has their goMoney platform where customers can also do their banking anywhere using their mobile phones.

BSP also provides mobile banking that allows customers to use their mobile phones to conduct certain banking functions.

While POB also has an online banking platform that allows customers to do transactions via the internet.

The Central Bank Governor, Dr. Luke Forau says Solomon Islanders should take heed of the advices given by the Ministry of Health so as to keep the country free from COVID-19.

He said social distancing is important and people should find ways to minimize their movement.

He said at the current stage, it will take at least three years for Solomon Islands to recover from the impact of COVID-19.

He also encouraged Solomon Islanders to start re-prioritizing how they spend money.