A Solomon Islander was among lawyers admitted as Barristers and Solicitors of the High court of New Zealand at a ceremony in Auckland on 25th July.

Willie Tekatoha, in an e-mail to Solomon Times, said that Tesua Mu'akitangata, who also holds a Bachelor's Degree in accounting, graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from The University of Auckland.

In his admission speech at the Auckland High Court Mr. Mu'akitangata attributed his academic and professional accomplishments to the aspirations and support of his parents Tesua and Tevengi.

Mr. Mu'akitangata who comes from Ngongona Village on Bellona Island attended White River Primary, Betikama High, King George VI, and New Plymouth Boys High School and is the most recent success story of Solomon Island Graduates from universities in New Zealand.

Prior to taking up full time study for his law Degree, Mr. Mu'akitangata had an eight-year career in the education field both in Solomon Islands and New Zealand, including teaching at King George VI.

Mr. Mu'akitangata is the first person from Rennell Bellona Province in the Solomon Islands to be admitted as Barrister and Solicitor in a Jurisdiction outside the Pacific Island Region.