Solomon Airlines Flight Operations will be suspended temporarily until further notice.

A memo issued under 'Solomon Airlines Executive Management' state that as practiced at times in the Aviation industry, Airlines take these courses of action, when necessary, due to Civil Aviation requirements.

"This Management decision is ... in the interest of public safety," the memo states.

It has been revealed that the decision is based on 'a compliance situation' that Solomon Airlines requires to urgently resolve.

The memo stated that suspension of all flight operations was decided on "... whilst we resolve this issue".

It added that the Controller of Civil Aviation indicated requirements that needed prompt attention and the Airline's Management is initiating corrective actions to address the requirements.

"Solomon Airlines is confident that this situation will be resolved promptly," the memo said.

Meanwhile, Director of Civil Aviation, Bill MacGregor, has confirmed advising the airline of Civil Aviation requirements that it must comply with.

Mr. MacGregor said the Airlines with its current financial problems had not been unable to buy adequate spare parts to keep its operation going.

"... aircraft parts must be replaced with new spares every time an aircraft flies certain number of hours," Mr. MacGregor told the national broadcaster, SIBC.

He revealed that Solomon Airlines aircraft, which had been using parts of another of its planes, was running out of spare parts to keep its operation going.

Mr. MacGregor told the SIBC that the Airline has been applying to him to authorize the use of the spare parts of the other aircraft, but the time required for the use of available parts will expire in a month's time.

"... there was a series of reasons, some of which was there was a shortage of ready cash to pay for parts ..." the SIBC quotes Director of Civil Aviation, Mr. MacGregor, as stating.