Solomon Airlines announced that it was decreasing its fuel surcharge on the Australian route from Brisbane to Honiara and return with immediate effect.

The last International fuel surcharge increase was applied in July 2008 when the prices were at its peak resulting in an added USD15 on each segment of travel on the International sectors.

This reduction however, "will only apply to the Brisbane route as; after carefully analysing this segment of our costs based on new fuel prices and the steady term of the revised world oil prices in the past few months, the company feels confident that we are able to sustain a decrease from here on in until we can gauge further effects of the Oil Cartels decision to decrease production to lift prices" a spokesman said.

In addition, the airline said; "the prices of Jet fuel, distinctly different to other fuel products and prices, has always been at a higher premium to the aviation industry and based on local and regional prices, we intend to maintain the current surcharges on Domestic and Regional routes for a further month or so and review our decision then to see how the prices are sitting and gauge."

"If this remained relatively steady, a further decrease may be expected."

Solomon Airlines advised that the reduction on the Brisbane route will be around USD20 per segment from the current fares under the heading of fuel surcharges or, approximately USD40 return and at current exchange rates; this means a saving to the public of some SBD300 on a return trip airfare flying Solomon Airlines.

The airline confirmed that this will be effective almost immediately and has filed this with the world body of airfares ATPCO and is expected to be ready for sale affectivity in the next day or two.