Solomon Airlines announced today that they have begun the long awaited company re-structure that will see some positional changes and streamlining of departments with effect from Friday 1st May.

The restructure, approved through the board by Cabinet in December 2008, comes as no surprise with current events unfolding of the serious financial impact in all areas throughout the world that has the potential to creep into the Solomon Islands economy.

A representative for the National Carrier, Solomon Airlines, indicated, "the future of Solomon Airlines is challenging at best and in order to meet these future challenges, the CEO and the airline Board have been reviewing a number of options and are now positioned to ensure that changes are made to ensure the wellbeing of the airline into the future."

Part of the changes being applied is the streamlining of Executive Management from previously five positions down to two; and with a number of revised internal changes, this will eventually meet the new Civil Aviation NZ Rules and Regulations that has now been enacted for Solomon Islands.

Compliance and Accountability is at the forefront of these changes with Mr Napoleon Padabela being moved into Corporate Safety, Security and Audit Administration reporting directly to the CEO and Mr Colin Sigimanu taking another key portfolio in being moved up to General Manager Financial Administration and Corporate Affairs.

Gus Kraus takes on added responsibility as General Manager Commercial & Operations overseeing administration of Flight Operations and Engineering but having Trevor Palmer-Chief Engineer and Gibson Galo-Chief Pilot, directly reporting to the CEO for Compliance matters.

The CEO indicated that "the challenges ahead are related to meeting and changing our internals to Comply with new rules and regulations as well as begin the long task to meet IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) by the end of 2010." IOSA is the highest authority in Safety and Compliance/conformity that International Airline standards have to meet and will streamline future approvals for airline-to-airline business transactions and passenger & cargo Transportation.

"KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) are new contract additions to changing of mindsets and the team have all been advised of this enhanced inclusion which will ensure that there are "performance Targets" embedded in our change environment of doing business into the future," the CEO stated.

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