Solomon Airlines has become one of the first international carriers to employ the latest in online customer-service, web-based technology with the launch of its newly-revamped website.

Announcing the launch, Solomon Airlines general manager operations and commercial, Gus Kraus, said one of the new site’s key attributes lay in its ability to be fully accessed from any desktop PC, laptop, iPad or smart phone.

This, he said, is unlike other online service-based websites which require users to access apps or specialised mobile websites.

“While we asked the designers, New Zealand-based Tomahawk, to employ the latest in online technology, our principle focus however remains firmly fixed on overall client service delivery,” Mr Kraus said.

“In keeping with that, this new website has been designed for simplicity and easy access to information while offering an enhanced booking process allowing for international and domestic flights to be booked in one smooth transaction.

“We have also made it easier to find location based content and promotions which mean a passenger travelling from Brisbane can easily find any specials before they book while passengers travelling from Honiara can also locate deals originating from the Solomon Islands just as readily.”

The new website also highlights the expanded routes and international destinations now serviced by Solomon Airlines.

In addition the new website provides travellers with information on the Solomon Islands and the multitude of ever-increasing travel and holiday opportunities the destination offers.

Further enhancements currently underway include a platform for users to be able to access special promotional offers, select fares and also buy tickets in their own currency.

Based in Auckland, Tomahawk specialises in airline and tourism systems, software development and digital marketing.