Solomon Airlines has sent three flight attendants to Port Moresby for training on the Airlines PNG Dash8 aircraft in preparation for a possible long term arrangement for the Dash8 operations in Solomon Islands.

The three selected crew include Carol Wickham, Paul Boka and Gordon Vuguni whom have all been internationally trained and very experienced flight attendants.
The Flight Attendants have been undergoing training for the past 3 weeks under Airlines PNG standards, governed by CAA of PNG (Civil Aviation of PNG) as the aircraft is a PNG registered aircraft and will remain so for the duration of its lease.

The training involves basic Aircraft endorsement and policies and procedures of Airlines PNG together with further training in First Aid; Emergency Evacuation and service standards on board as this aircraft only requires one (1) flight attendant on each flight.

The three cabin crew will give Solomon Airlines a seven day operation and covers sick and recreational leave and days off. It is anticipated that once trained and subject to their line training and release within the Airlines PNG system, they will accompany the aircraft on its delivery flight from Port Moresby to Honiara on or around the first week of December 2009.

The airline indicated that although the final signature is yet to be applied to the agreement, most of the technical and terms of the contract have been basically agreed to and Solomon Airlines is awaiting the final term expected this weekend.

The airline indicated when the final agreement has been finally executed, a new schedule will be immediately put into place from the beginning of December or thereabouts to cater for the immediate high internal Christmas travel expected.
The airline spokesman said Management "congratulated the crew as, according to Airlines PNG reports, they are doing extremely well to date and do not foresee any problems with their qualification on this aircraft type in the near future".