Cancellation of Solomon Airlines domestic services has continued at an alarming rate.

With the resignation of one of Airlines' top local pilot and host of other factors, the national carrier is finding it difficult to meet flight schedules.

An inside source revealed that last week, Airlines had only two pilots with enough flight time to fly the planes.

All other pilots were said to have exhausted their duty and flight time and could not fly last week.

This left the Airlines with no option but to cancel more than half of its flights.

The source claimed that the Airlines is becoming a "training ground" for overseas pilot graduates who, immediately after graduation, join Solomon Airlines to gain more flight times.

It was revealed that as a result, there's been an increase on wear and tear on the four Solomon Airlines aircraft tyres with new overseas pilot doing training flights on the planes.

The source is concerned that the management is running the company recklessly.

The source added that the irony of all these pilot shortages is that it is amidst two qualified local pilots in the country without jobs.

Airlines management's reportedly refusing to engage Captain Galo and Captain Ramoni "for no valid reasons at all".

The source said it is the same management that has sacked and accepted resignation of the two pilots.

In other news, the Airlines Chief Executive Officer has engaged a Ni-Vanuatu on a role that can be satisfactorily performed by a Solomon Islander.

It was revealed that the officer is working in the Solomons for a package salary of $300,000.

The source accused the CEO of going about the recruitment "illegally" and urge the relevant authority to investigate the matter.