Eager spectators flood the multipurpose hall way before official opening of doors to witness the second elimination round to the Solo Idol.

The second Solo Idol show attracted a full house audience as people came in big numbers to support their favored candidate.

Grilled by the three judges and cheered on by an enthusiastic audience, contestants gave their best shot on stage.

Most agreed that this year's show is "much better" compared to previous ones hosted.

"I believe it goes with experience of hosting several shows having started in 2006," a spectator in the crowd, Joel Mae said.

Added improvement was involvement of getting comments from the crowd which added to the hype.

"This is definitely thumbs up to organizers of the Solo Idol show to involve people who play a huge role in making the whole thing a success," Mr. Mae said.

Contestants are ranked in their individual numbers for callers to put in their vote for the next round in the competition.

Spectators said that involving the public to select through the elimination process is a huge improvement, instead of having judges to choose.

12 contestants in the senior category and 5 in the young executive category took the stage in last night's show.

Another spectator in the crowd, Olson Oge pointed out that some comments from a particular judge were "unfair" on the aspiring young talents.

"These are just young singers making their way up and judges should understand that and not be too hard on them," Mr. Oge commented.

But all present said the overall show was superb with the youngest contestant only five years of age.

The Solo Idol will continue on in the weeks to come.

Solomon Times understands the final round will take place sometime early September.