Solomon Breweries recently kicked off an initiative to share their COVID-19 best practices with their customers which includes sharing tips, providing information posters, sanitisers and masks for the outlets.

The SolBrew team made up of Sales Reps and the Health and Safety Manager took time from normal duties to visit their customers’ outlets and speak with staff about COVID-19 safety measures and share best practices like the proper way to wear a mask.

Health and Safety Manager Edward McPherson said that COVID-19 has changed some of the ways of working in organisations and businesses especially in the area of health and safety.

“We now have to apply additional measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace and allow our business to continue to operate,” he said.

“Some of these measures we see add time and can be challenging to get people to follow,” McPherson said “but in order for our businesses to remain open and continue to operate, it has to make sure that the risk of COVID-19 infections are minimized, so it is very important that we apply these measures are best as we can. ”

The SolBrew team will continue to visit outlets in Honiara.

Solomon Breweries has been in operations in Solomon Islands since 1993 and the brewer of iconic local brands SolBrew Lager, Canoe Classic and SB.

Source: Press Release