Solomon Breweries iconic SolBrew Lager bottle gets gold at the 2022, 61st Monde Selection Awards.

Monde Selection, The International Quality Institute was founded in 961 in Brussels, in the heart of Europe. The International Quality Institute evaluates the quality of the culinary, health and beauty culture all over the world through the judgment of international and renown experts.

SolBrew’s Country Manager Gilbert Rothmaier said the Gold Monde award announced in April of this year, is a testament of SolBrew’s passion for quality.

“At SolBrew, we Brew the Passion for Quality! Consumers are at the heart of our business we want to ensure we always deliver the best to them, so the passion for quality is in our process from end to end and we take a lot of pride in being able to continuously deliver high standard, quality products.”

Mr Rothmaier said the award also highlights what local Solomon Islands talent can deliver with the right support and development programs.

“Solomon Islands has many challenges when it comes to doing business, manufacturing more so, winning this award for our iconic SolBrew Lager brand is a very proud moment for us particularly as this result was delivered by Solomon Islanders led by our local talents, from Inbound Logistics, Brewing to Packaging and
last but not the least is our Quality department, all ensuring that quality standards are met at each step, resulting in a gold standard beer.”

Canoe and SB brands were recipients of Silver awards for 2022 Monde Selection Awards.

Source: Media Release