Recent media reports have speculated that the leadership of the Prime Minister is under threat after he decided to boycott the Forum Leaders meeting in Tonga.

The allegation was strongly rejected by the Chairman of Parliamentary Caucus, Nelson Ne'e. Mr Ne'e, in a press statement, stated that a meeting held yesterday with most Government Ministers and Backbenchers saw many pledging their allegiance to the Grand Coalition for Change Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

Mr Ne'e said this proved that the media report was a "baseless and alarmist propaganda invented by the media to test the strength of Grand Coalition's solidarity and undivided loyalty to our Prime Minister."

Mr Ne'e also challenged those that ran the story to reveal the identity of their trusted 'insider source'. "We had a great laugh in Cabinet about how easily respected journalists are fooled to write fiction," said Ne'e.

"The PM's decision to keep his engagements in Majuro and Taipei was the correct one for our country at a time when the Tonga Forum was dominated by concerns which were either not our priority or could only be addressed in the way our Parliament has already decided."

A political commentator, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that Sogavare may still command full support within government. "The Prime Minister is currently in Taiwan seeking further funding for various projects, those that chose to come out in the media are just probably reminding the Prime Minister that they want their 'share of the pie' once he returns."