The Leader of Opposition, Hon. Manasseh Sogavare, in a press statement calls on the Prime Minister to remain firm on the stance he took to discipline senior Ministers who joined the new Political party, SNAP.

He calls on the Government to immediately put under control its internal political wrangling and concentrate on delivering its big political promises to the nation.

"I call on the Prime Minister to take a firm stand against Ministers who think they can exert their weight around as if they are indispensable and get them to deliver on their ministries' programmes.

"The members of the government bench must also be reminded of their overwhelming support for the Prime Minister during the recent debate of the motion of no-confidence and start behaving like leaders.

"If change of leadership is what the political factions in the CNURA camp are envisaging then they would be considered outright hypocrite.

"The Opposition group has made it clear in the last meeting of Parliament after the defeat of the motion of no-confidence that it will not support any moves to destabilise the Government.

"If members of the government continue to put their own interest over the interest of the nation, then the Opposition Group will have no option but to get the support of the people of Solomon Islands to move a motion to dissolve Parliament because its current membership has become self-serving and totally incompetent," Hon. Sogavare said.

Hon. Sogavare said this call is made in light of a split in the government camp over the Prime Minister, Dr Derek Sikua's stand to threaten disciplinary action on a number of senior Ministers who decided to join the newly formed Solomon's National Alliance Party (SNAP).

He said whilst there is nothing wrong with Members of Parliament aligning with political groupings of their choice, the Prime Minister is entitled to question the motives of such regrouping if he thinks that it is done to undermine the stability of the government.

The Leader of Opposition said it is just unfortunate that Solomon Islands inherited a political system that entertains political indiscipline with impunity reducing Prime Ministers to be more concerned about political stability than national affairs.

National Express