The Motion of No Confidence is currently being debated in Parliament and already nearing to the end of the day, the vote has not yet been taken.

A reliable source within parliament stated that, it is of normal practice for members to talk on the motion. Currently speaking against the Motion is Hon. Job Tausinga and not all Parliamentarians have spoken on the motion as yet.

In Parliament, the Opposition stated that the tabling of the motion was at the request of the people who are suffering as a result of high fuel and food prices.

Raising issues during the motion of no confidence earlier today, the Opposition Leader, Mr. Manasseh Sogavare, said that the Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua and his deputy, Hon. Fred Fono are very irresponsible in leading the nation.

Mr. Sogavare points out that the current leadership was very excited to take over the government but basically forgot how to run it.

He stressed that after the new government has taken power over the nation, nonsense issues have been talked about during all the parliament sittings.

Mr. Sogavare stated that the current ruling government has lost their sense of direction to lead in the country.

However, he said that the government when requesting for funding, they did not give any key priority for the aid donors, "the budget itself is a document of priority," Mr. Sogavare added.

Mr. Sogavare said that the national budget belongs to the people of the country and not the government itself, "we have good offices, salaries, given vehicles, houses and enjoy everything we were given, but did not realize that the people who could not afford a packet of rice are the ones that are paying for the government tax."

Mr. Sogavare strongly pointed out that the government only knows what it is like inside their offices, but unaware of the hardships that were faced by the people of this country.

He also cleared himself saying that he was not criticizing the Prime Minister and his deputy, but he was raising the concern of the people of Solomon Islands.

He said that the many political blunders are very politically dangerous for the country and its people.

Mr. Sogavare giving his last few points before the parliament said that the Motion is nothing about the Opposition and the government; it is about the people of Solomon Islands.

Prime Minister, Dr.Derek Sikua is yet to respond to Hon. Sogavare.

Solomon Times will bring more updates from parliament.