Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has today announced that the National Government will assist business houses that were destroyed during last week’s unrest in Honiara.

Many business houses in the China Town, Kukum and Ranadi commercial districts have suffered from looting and burning during the unrest.

Speaking in Parliament today, Sogavare said the Government is already working on a recovery package to assist businesses that suffered last week’s destruction.

“As a responsible government, the government will come up with a recovery package for those who lost their properties during last week’s unrest,” Sogavare said.

The Prime Minister is already advancing discussions with development partners to explore ways to help in the rebuilding and recovery process.

In addition, Sogavare also announced that the Government will also beef up the capacity of the Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF) to withstand future unrests.

Last week’s unrest sunk the economy and further challenged the government’s twin policy objectives to contain and annihilate COVID 19 from community transmission and to sustain the economy.

The ruined businesses are amongst the contributors to the government’s tax revenue. These businesses’ tax contributions have helped to ensure main services such as health, security and education and utilities are maintained.

“The assistance package that government will put together is like trying to pull up a sunken economy,” Sogavare said.

Meanwhile, Sogavare has commended the Opposition Leader and Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and Members of Parliament for passing the Motion of Supply.

The passage of the motion of supply now empowers the Minister for Finance to authorize the issue of monies from the Consolidated Fund for the purpose of meeting expenditure necessary to carry on public services at a level not exceeding the level of these services in the previous financial year.

The spending will continue until the expiration of four months from the beginning of the financial year 2022 or the coming into operation of the 2022 Appropriation Act 2022.
Parliament is adjourned for 30 November 2021.

Source: GCU