Taiwan’s efforts at surveying and protecting flora show that it is a “close ally,” Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said, adding that Solomon Islands would continue to support Taiwan at UN assemblies and other international occasions.

Sogavare made the remarks while meeting with Taiwan Ambassador to the Solomon Islands Roger Luo last month.

During the meeting, Luo presented Sogavare with the Investigation of Plant Resources and Compilation of the Flora for Solomon Islands catalog of plant species on the Solomon Islands.

“The Solomon Islands, with its abundant natural resources, is one of the best destinations in the world for studying plants,” Luo said, adding that Taiwanese compiled the encyclopedia out of friendship and the hope that it would help protect the Solomon Island’s flora.

Sogavare said the friendship between the two nations is evidenced by the effort Taiwanese put into protecting plants native to the nation and thanked Taiwan for its support in humanitarian relief, medicine, agriculture and rural development.

The Solomon Islands will continue to support Taiwan’s bid for UN recognition, Sogavare said, adding that Solomon Islanders are not afraid to speak for Taiwan.

“Our relationship is based on the fundamental principles of democracy and human rights which our two countries firmly believe in and uphold,” he said. “I can assure you that the relationship between our two countries can only grow stronger.”

The book is the result of the joint effort of the International Cooperation and Development Fund, the National Museum of Natural Science and Dr Celia Koo Botanic Conservation Center.

A total of 2,715 plant specimens were archived as of December last year. The book project was launched in 2012.

Source: Taipei Times