Ousted Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, has questioned police action on the arrest of the country's former Attorney-General, Julian Moti.

This comes following Mr. Moti's arrest despite an order by the Magistrate Court to halt any action until an application for the former Attorney-General's asylum is heard.

Manasseh Sogavare, now the Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, in an interview with national broadcaster, SIBC, described the arrest as an action that sets a dangerous precedent on the administration of justice and a mockery of their authority.

He also questioned the role played by both the Solomon Islands Police Force and RAMSI's Australian Federal Police.

Mr. Sogavare told SIBC news that the Commissioner of Police and the Commander of the Participating Police Force, as heads of the country's law enforcing agencies, must at all time act within the bounds of laws of the country and only enforce their correct application.

He described the recent arrest as "an example of the continuing disregard of the laws of Solomon Islands".

The former Prime Minister also accused the occupying force of "the desire to control".

Mr. Sogavare said 'certain elements' of the local police force have succumbed to agendas of the occupying force.

He told the SIBC that for police to require Solomon Islanders to abide with the law would be hypocrisy as police have, itself, been trampled upon as indicated in Mr. Moti's case.

Mr. Sogavare said that unless Solomon Islanders begin to appreciate the seriousness of this development, Solomon Islanders will lose control of their country.