Members of the public, who have been following the parliamentary debates and the Motion of No Confidence said that they agree with some points raised by the Opposition Leader, Hon. Sogavare.

Djino Waga, a member of the public said what interested him most was the debates on 'delivering to the people'.

Mr. Waga told Solomon Times that although the current government has launched many things in the past months, the public still need to see alot of good delivered to the country.

He said that, instead of leading the country to a better place, "we are heading down with rising of prices of fuel and food."

He emphasized that the current government once declared that they prioritize the rural people, "but from what I can see, the rural people are also struggling more than before."

Mr. Waga further elaborated by saying that people do not really know and understand the plans of the government, but they say that it is getting worse.

He said that everything that was raised on Friday by Hon. Sogavare was true and was from the people, "but even Hon. Sogavare never applied it during the time he has power over the country," he added.

"The Opposition Leader may have seen the real picture after all, which is why he raised all the concerns of the people," said Mr. Waga.

Mr. Waga continued that the high prices of food and fuel are quite threatening to people.

"The current government should see this as a priority. The current Government's plan may still be pending but it needs to be quickened. Already, many Solomon Islanders are struggling to cope," said Mr. Waga.