The Parliamentary Opposition leader, Hon. Manasseh Sogavare has criticized the Prime Minister, Derek Sikua's recent statement on the CNURA Government's future partnership plans with the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI).

According to Hon. Sogavare, the statement delivered by the Solomon Islands Prime Minister to the United Nations General Assembly was premature and a blatant disregard of Parliament directives.

Mr Sogavare says it was unreasonable for the Prime Minister to make such statement to the General Assembly while the review of the partnership is still in progress in the country.

The Opposition Leader says the statement by Dr. Sikua undermines the Parliament's authority in setting up the Foreign Relations Committee to review the status of RAMSI as provided for under the Facilitation Act.

He says it was never the intention of the Pacific Islands Forum to make RAMSI another aid agency in Solomon Islands.

He continued to say that Solomon Islanders should decide whether RAMSI's continued presence in the country should be formally recognized as an aid agency

According to Hon. Sogavare, RAMSI's role should effectively end at the completion of the restoration stage.

Mr Sogavare says it would be unnecessary to allow the mission to continue to operate with unfettered powers within the legal framework.