Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has cautioned Opposition leader Fred Fono to stop making baseless calls against the government.

Mr Sogavare stated that Fono has made his allegiance known when he made calls to extradite Moti after his return from Canberra. "Mr Fono should cease from his 'mega phonic' style of politics" Mr Sogavare said. "Julian Moti will not be extradited to Australia unless some of our own questions are answered"

Earlier, Fred Fono had called on the government to extradite Julian Moti to Australia. "Mr Moti has become a stumbling block to any meaningful diplomatic progress with Canberra" Fono said. "It is in our best interest to send him to Australia"

Reliable sources have stated that the government is still very keen in having Julian Moti as its Attorney General. "The government is determined, Mr Moti is their top choice" the source stated.