The Minister of Infrastructure Development, Hon. Stanley Sofu, commended former Ministers who have returned official vehicles in their possession.

His commendation follows media publication of the names of former Ministers and political appointees who had returned their vehicles and others who still have to do so.

The former Ministers in the Manasseh Sogavare Government who have returned their vehicles include the MP for North-West Choiseul, Clement Kengava, the MP for South New Georgia, Peter Boyers, the MP for South Vella La Vella, Trevor Olavae, the MP for Temotu Vatud, Clay Forau Soalaoi and the MP for North Guadalcanal, Martin Sopage.

Mr. Sofu said new Ministers who have moved into their ministries "urgently need the same vehicles", stating the government is not in the financial position to purchase new ones.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Development praised the former ministers who promptly obeyed the call, describing them as "... indeed national leaders".

He appealed to other ministers and political appointees who still have vehicles in their possession to return them.

Former Ministers and political appointees were granted until January 3rd 2008 to keep the vehicles under Parliamentary Entitlements Regulation.