The question on everyone’s mind is whether there will be a snap election or a late dissolution of Parliament.

Members of Parliament are currently consulting with their constituents to gauge their views, with a report from government expected once the exercise is complete.

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) is also preparing itself, convening a workshop recently with the theme "Possible Early or Late Dissolution of Parliament and its Implications on General Election Preparations".

The SIEC says that the workshop is aimed at acquainting Commission members with the options currently being discussed, and to be informed of the implications of these various options on our general election preparations.

During his presentation before the Commission the CEO(Ag) Mr. Fredrick Bosoboe outlined the various implications for each of the options being considered. Particular focus was on the extension of parliament by 12 months, in effect deferring the elections to 2024, and the likely responses the Commission will have to take.

Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Mr. Patterson Oti, reiterates that the Commission's mandate as stated in the Constitution is still the same regardless of whichever option is taken.

"This workshop group is a small one and I would urge all of us to openly voice our views and opinions in order to help the Electoral Office with its plans for various upcoming activities", Mr. Oti stated.

The workshop was successfully held at the Hakubai Conference Room, Mendana.

With SIEC Media