A workshop is being held in the Solomon Islands to help medium and smaller sized accomodation operators get up to speed with their online presence.

The pilot-project is intended for operators in Honiara and the central islands province, to create websites so visitors can book online.

The Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau says 12 accomodation operators are in the process of getting websites up and running.

The sites will then also be channeled in with other travel websites like expedia and wotif.

The marketing manager at the bureau, Freda Unusi, says compared to other South Pacific countries, accomodation operators in the Solomon Islands have virtually no online presence.

She says they are missing out on business as a result.

"I am not able to put a figure on this but just looking at our other countries in the region, like Fiji, Vanuatu, PNG, they are all up there, we're sort of lagging behind. And one of the things we think is affecting this is our very little presence online."

Freda Unusi says the websites should be up and running in three months time