Living the laid back lifestyle and being content with what is offered is known for the happy-going Solomon Islanders.

For a lot of the locals termed as "masta lius", who are those either non-educated or unemployed, doing nothing does not affect their happiness.

Taking a walk down Honiara city, Solomon Times met up with a young man carrying a video screen through the streets.

The obvious oddness of it all attracted public curiosity, Solomon Times included, who approached the young man with his heavy load.

"I am on my way to my aunty's house, but there was no transport to take this screen so I decided to walk all the way to her house carrying the screen and I am enjoying myself," the young man said.

Asked on what he does for a living, the young man said he is unemployed but enjoys life living in Honiara.

While some depend entirely on employment for survival, others just know how to manage without daily income.

A lady approached said that although she did not have a job, "I know how to manage for my own survival at my own will of what to do and how to go about it".

"You can see that people who did not have transport still move around happily with their load in the streets and it is why I am proud of the people from Solomon Islands," she told Solomon Times.

She said that they have nothing to worry about, "whether rich or poor, Solomon Islanders are just content and happy living the life as it is."

She further pointed out that Solomon Islanders do not need many things to be satisfied with their standard of living.

"I am proud of being a Solomon Islander, we are not embarrassed when situations catch up on us, we take things as they come and that's what makes our people unique," she said.