Solomon Water has cut off water supply from its Kongulai water source because of high turbidity.

SIWA says customers living in and around the following areas will be affected with no water or low pressure:

West Honiara: White River, Namoruka, Windy Valley, Tanagai, Tandai, Agape Heights, Hatanga Ridge, Tinge Ridge, Rifle Range, Rove Seafront, St John School, Mbokona, Ministers Ridge, Lengakiki, Geology, Mbuburu.

Central Honiara: Stonefield, Vavaya Ridge, Mbokonavera, and Skyline.
East Honiara: Pacific Casino Seafront, West Kola, East Kola, Green Valley, Naha Heights, Kukum Heights, Ports Authority Residents area, Vura, SINU Kukum Campus, Fishing village, Maromaro, Mbua Valley, Tanuli, Fulisango, Zion, Kombivatu, Mud land, Jackson Ridge, Lio Ridge, Mbaranamba, Maromaro & JBM areas up to ANZ Building opposite Marine School.

SIWA says they are currently monitoring the source turbidity and will keep the public  informed.

They call on the publics patience and understanding given that the situation is outside Solomon Water’s control.