The Solomon Islands Water Authority, SIWA, has launched its operation to crack down on illegal users.

A SIWA source says illegal connection is an overdue issue and so the operation has long been anticipated.

A 12 men illegal connection survey team, under the supervision of an advisor, has been sent out around the city with the aim of identifying illegal users.

The source says the team target mostly settlements in and around Honiara because SIWA suspects that it is where most illegal connections are found. The source says, the exercise will be conducted in two phases.

The first phase is to identify illegal connections and warn users to settle their problems with SIWA and phase two is the penalty phase which includes disconnection.

SIWA hopes that the exercise will put all customers on the user pay system.

The exercise which is tentatively planned for more than two weeks will initially include Honiara City residents as plans for provincial centres have not been finalised.