Solomon Islands Volleyball Federation was disappointed when NOCSI decide to cancel its book of the multipurpose hall in the last minute to give away the venue to another group.

The President of the SIVF Morris Maitaki was quoted as disappointed and sad to know that NOCSI gave away the hall for a group of students for their free-style competition.
"We booked the venue for our Easter Volleyball Championship presentation. We need to do this early to allow for the provincial teams to return to their provinces", said Maitaki.

Solomon Times contacted NOCSI about the issue and was told the SIVF never made any booking.
"They assume that because they have been using the hall, they can come in anytime and host their presentation", said Delma Nori.

"The Multipurpose hall is allocated to the federation freely only on training basis apart from those who want to use the building for any special event are required to pay bill even in sports", said Mrs. Nori.

As a result of the clash the Chairman for the Easter Volleyball Championship Billy Pelisse told the Solomon Times that the presentation had to be postponed for this coming Saturday the 28th of April at the King Solomon Hotel.