The World International Volleyball at School Symposium starts in Canada on the 23rd of June and SIVBF President Morris Maitaki is amongst the contingents attending the meeting.

"The FIVB International Volleyball at School Symposium is very important for
our development, which corresponds with our strategic framework focusing on
school and upwards," says Maitaki. "Our Federation has never attended such FIVB world meetings in the past which is why we have been left out from the direct assistance and benefits from the FIVB despite being affiliated in 1997 by our former

Maitaki stated that according to the FIVB Charter, all affiliated members to FIVB are obliged to attend such meeting organized by the FIVB in order to benefit from the FIVB's ongoing Volleyball Cooperation Programme (VCP).

"This is a milestone in the history of Solomon Islands Volleyball since its formation in 1970 and I am looking forward to share our Federation's vision
with other world volleyball leaders," says Maitaki.

The Solomon Islands Volleyball Federation would like to thank the Ministry
of Home affairs, National Sports Council (NSC) and National Olympic
Committee (NOCSI) for the financial assistance to help facilitate the trip.