Siro Community High School in Central Province of the Solomon Islands celebrated a significant milestone as it inaugurated a new Girls' Dormitory and Ablution Block, providing enhanced facilities for female students to pursue their education in a safe and inclusive environment.

The newly constructed dormitory and ablution block will be able to accommodate up to 60 female students, addressing a crucial need for adequate housing and sanitation facilities.

Equipped with modern amenities, the infrastructure aims to ensure the well-being and comfort of students, fostering a conducive atmosphere for learning and personal growth.

In a notable effort to promote inclusivity, the facilities feature ramps to facilitate accessibility for students of all abilities. This initiative reflects a commitment to embracing diversity and ensuring that education remains accessible to every student, regardless of physical limitations.

Funded by the Australian and New Zealand governments in partnership with the Solomon Islands Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development, the initiative falls under the purview of the Education Sector Support Programme (ESSP). This partnership underscores the commitment to bolstering educational infrastructure and fostering an environment conducive to learning and development.


Source: Australian High Commission Solomon Islands