The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force says that the Solomon Islands Public Employees Union (SIPEU) may have misunderstood a police statement released earlier in relation to the Voluntary Early Retirement Scheme (VERS).

"This may have been the reason that prompted a very complacent and judgemental response from senior officials of SIPEU," the Police Media Unit said in a statement.

"Police statements were not debating but were rather clarifying misleading information and offering venues for further clarification, which is through consultation with the office of the Commissioner and not the media."

The Police Media Unit said that the outstanding "support and achievements by SIPEU for its members were never denied in the media statements issued by police." The Police Media Unit says that it is just unfortunate that the response by SIPEU seeks to discredit other organisations, which only reflects negatively on it as a responsible body.

"The advice was and it remains that if SIPEU has a genuine concerned for police officers, they should consult the Police Commissioner's office for clarification; or alternatively get to the Police Headquarters where they can be provided with the right information."

The Police Media Unit is organising the Commissioner's weekly press conference for Acting Commissioner Walter Kola and Acting Deputy Commissioner Edmond Sikua today to further clarify its position.

The Police Media Unit says that the President and General Secretary of the Solomon Islands Public Employees Union "are kindly invited to attend or call in at the Commissioner's Office if they wish to discuss the Voluntary Early Retirement Scheme."