Solomon Islands Public Employee Union General Secretary, Mr. Paul Belande, is reported to have been sacked.

A source revealed to Solomon Times that Mr. Belande is believed to have been sacked by the President of SIPEU, Mr. Elijah Gui

"That's as far as it goes, Mr. Belande received a letter of termination from the SIPEU President," the source disclosed.

The source said that although Mr. Belande's contract lapsed June of this year, his termination is due to non-performance of his general duties in the SIPEU.

"Too many politics, he is too involved with government and political issues that he gets destructed from his duty in dealing with SIPEU issues," the source added.

But the SIPEU Administration Accountant, Mr Tonys Bouro, in a phone interview said that the sacking has been revoked by SIPEU executive members.

"It is a small problem with the President of the Solomon Islands Public Employee Union, so I cannot comment further," says Mr. Bouro.

The SIPEU President could not be reached for comment on the allegations of Mr. Belande's sacking.