Head of the National Union of Workers, SINUW, wants private companies and employers to ensure they have anti-sexual harassment policies in their workplaces.

Speaking to SIBC News SINUW General Secretary, Tony Kangovai says the union's position and policy on sexual harassment in workplaces is of zero tolerance and this will not change.

Mr Kangovai's comments follow recent allegations of sexual harassment by senior management of subordinates within the administrative of the prestige Heritage Park Hotel in Honiara.

Recent media reports had alleged that five expatriate managers of the Heritage Park Hotel forced local female staff of the hotel into sexual relationships threatening to sack them if they refused or reported anything to authorities.

A spokesman for the managers has since denied the reports but former workers of the hotel, some who had resigned or were sacked because of sexual harassment issues, say it has happened within the hotel.

The Commissioner of Labour is now investigating the allegations.

While refusing to comment on the Heritage Park hotel issue, the SINUW Head says the union condemns employers who sexually harass their staff in their workplaces.

Mr Kagovai also says individual workplaces should have anti sexual harassment policies to protect their employees.