The Vice-Chancellor of the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) Dr. Ganesh Chand made the announcement during the World Teachers’ Day celebration at Panatina Cultural Village on Friday 4th Oct 2019.

The World Teachers’ Day celebration concluded the 2 days Leadership Pacific 2019 Conference which 48 academic papers were presented to more than 500 participants. The conference was co-hosted by the Solomon Islands National University, Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development, Victoria University of Wellington and the Fellowship of Faithful Mentors.

Speaking to all teachers, the Vice-Chancellor said, “it is the teachers who create tomorrow’s leaders; it is the teachers, who create tomorrow’s industries; it is the teachers, who create tomorrow’s economy, and thus, the livelihood of people.”

Dr. Chand then revealed what SINU intends to do for teachers under his leadership. The VC said about 90% of teachers in the country are products of one of the legacy institutions of SINU. “Many of you have done certificates and diplomas and some of you graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. I urge you to aspire for more, for higher qualifications,” the VC continued.

“If you have done a certificate, I urge you to do the diploma, if you have finished diploma then consider doing Bachelors, and if you have completed Bachelor’s degree then I urge you to enter into post-graduate studies, get your masters and Ph.Ds. All these will be possible at SINU from 2020,” said Dr. Chand.

SINU is now in the process of taking its entire teacher training programs to as many provinces as possible. Teachers could enroll in any of the Diplomas and Bachelor's programs through our Distance and Flexible offerings. From next year, SINU will commence a Post-Graduate Diploma and a Masters’ degree in Education.

Source: SINU