Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport (SINIS) through its Wellbeing and Lifestyle Performance (WLP) department successfully held a ‘Leisure Activities’ program for sport athletes.

According to WLP, the organized activities of fun games at the High Performance Centre saw athletes participating in them purposely to help refresh their bodies, minds and make their leisure time more interesting and enjoyable.

SINIS WLP believes in a holistic development approach for athletes.

“When athletes have a positive wellbeing, it enables them to perform better. Wellbeing is a Performance Enabler,” explain the WLP department.

The outcomes of the ‘Leisure Activities’ helped;

-Athletes develop personal development and growth
- Increase physical health
- Athletes boost their creativity and sense of accomplishment
- Create more fun and,
- Reduces stress and promote physical wellbeing.

The program yesterday also included ‘Barbeque, fun games and other activities such as karaoke’.

Source: SINIS Media