Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport (SINIS) High Performance program begin its partnering journey with National Federations (NFs) towards the provision of international standard requirements and sports enhancement in the country.

On Tuesday 21st December, more than thirty (30) federation representatives were part of this informative partnership workshop, intended to enlighten NFs with the strategic planning, preparation and support from a high-performance system perspective.

The presentation also looked at the process, compliance and governing policies needed in order to access programs and services through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) framework.

NFs need to ensure that their compliance systems are in line with their governing International Federations, National Sports Council (NSC) and the National Olympic Committee (NOCSI), and are required to be in good standing in order to be entitled for an MOU for High Performance services programs and facilities.

With the MOU, NFs, Coaches and athletes will benefit from the high-performance programs, services and facilities provided at SINIS High Performance.

The MOU essentials will provide the following;

National Federation

• Training venue access
• Capacity building through STEPs (certified sport education programs)
• Media & branding footprint, Logo design, FB page set up
• Training venues, meeting rooms & equipment
• Pathway to Podium grant funding – coach expertise, international competitions
• NF Handbook to enhance Governance & Competition standards
• scholarship program
• coach development & education certificate program, office
• Scholarship program (allocated numbers per sport)
• Performance services
• Wellbeing services

SINIS High – Performance Executive Director highlighted the importance of working together as partners.

“High Performance program and the National Federations are partners to provide the best support available for the coaches and athletes of the National programs.

"We want to best understand how we can support the NFs to prepare the best team in history to represent Solomon Islands at the 2023 Pacific Games."

Triathlon Solomon Islands (TriSI) President Joe Ramosaea was impressed and excited with the presentation, and believes this is the way forward.

“I believe in this High-Performance program. It empowers athletes, coaches and young people generally, creating a career pathway - to become elite professionals in sports,” he said.

“From a triathlon perspective we have mostly young boys and girls and through this program, we are excited to be part of it, where I also believe our sport can also become number one in the country apart from soccer through this high-performance initiative."

President of Solomon Islands Volleyball Federation (SIVF) Morris Maitaki gave strong support to the programs as the way forward for success for National teams.

“The opportunity to link in our sport development officers to the high-performance program is an opportunity we have been looking for. This is a way we can continue their development and education to grow sport."

The process includes a compliance review, once succesful NFs will sign an MOU, conduct open nominations, conduct trials and selections of athletes, then they can directly contact the program’s Performance Managers with a list of athletes for scholarship consideration.

SINIS High Performance will start the approval process and set up induction  programs and trainings in January 2022.

SINIS HP Media Release