Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport (SINIS) High-Performance program has recently formed its Athlete Advisory Group (AAG) committee.

The group consists of 19 members, which includes both senior and former athletes that represented the country in the past 3 years. The group is engaged on voluntary basis, targeting elite athletes who want to contribute positively by giving back sound advice through their experience/career to the next generation of athletes.

The initiative is an engagement opportunity providing athletes with a voice towards different aspects of the country’s High-Performance system delivery.

AAG-appointed Chair Helen Aumae Boso said that the bottom line is to help address issues that athletes face and their requirements when accessing the High-Performance services and programs at SINIS.

“It will be very much a collaborative effort between the group, SINIS and relevant stakeholder partners who will be supporting us,” Helen stated.

“Meeting the team for the first time was overwhelming but humbling. With utmost respect to every member of the team as I believe that each team member is valuable and each member has an important role to play as a member of the AAG.

AAG members will have regular meetings each month to identify and discuss strategies that will assist SINIS on which type of services athletes need to improve overall.

The group will inform SINIS also on the strategic direction that will help shape education strategies through the provision of insights into the pressures and influences in the sport that can threaten the integrity of the sport.

“This group is the first of its kind and it is really exciting to see how we can work and collaborate as a team to achieve our goals. Our first meeting was all about getting to know each other and being introduced to the team from SINIS whom we will be working closely with moving forward,” she added.

AAG allows/provides a platform for elite athletes to have their contributions in providing strategic advice to help support the staff of SINIS to develop and implement activities that are tailored in a way that suits individual athlete needs.

AAG Committee Members include the following;

  • Henrik Dun Siope (Taekwondo)
  • Robert Anita (Karate)
  • Wendy Hale (Weightlifting)
  • Festus Vana (Bodybuilding)
  • Emsie Belo (Hockey)
  • Judith Neuwa (Netball)
  • Rose Gwali (Volleyball)
  • Helen Aumae Boso (Chair)
  • Philip Tuhaika (Basketball)
  • Michael Steven Boso (Athletics/Football)
  • Jovita Ambrose (Athletics)
  • Doris Laula (Archery)
  • Gary Nuopula (Table Tennis)
  • Rodney Vaka (Badminton)
  • Tony Lomo (Judo)

Source: SINIS Media