This week the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport (SINIS) High–Performance Sports Medicine Team continue with their online professional development in collaboration with the Australian Catholic University (ACU).

SINIS High – Performance Physio & Rehab coaches have accessed support of recognised Sports Physiotherapist, who work in the sport profession and also lecture at ACU, to conduct online sessions as the SINIS staff are set to begin providing essential services for athletes and coaches.

These weekly professional development sessions are set to occur regularly throughout the year and SINIS continues to thank the ACU team for their invaluable support in supporting our staff, coaches and athletes.

The ACU students & staff provided several presentations on common injuries, management and prevention strategies in specific sports during the session, and provided Physio consultation for injured athletes from SINIS through telehealth. This online version of consultation is extremely beneficial in the current Covid conditions.

Their next session will continue on Tuesday 8th February.

Source: SINIS