Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua has said that he would want to see dialogue regarding the Fiji Situation to continue, but the final position of the Forum would be very much determined by what happens in the months ahead.

In a press conference in Honiara last week, Prime Minister Sikua said that the Forum would meet by the end of the year to review the Fiji situation but whatever position the Forum would decide to take will be very much determined by the Forum's Ministerial group in Fiji.

Dr. Sikua was asked during the press conference about the possibility that the Forum could eventually move to expel Fiji from the Forum.

In reply, Prime Minister Sikua stated that he would not comment on anything to do with the Fiji situation until the Forum's Ministerial Contact Group reported back to the Forum.

The Commonwealth is also involved in monitoring the Fiji situation and is working closely with the Forum Ministerial contact Group on the Fiji situation.

Despite the pledge made by the Fiji Interim Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama at last year's Forum meeting in Tonga that Fiji would go to the General Elections in March 2009; he now says that this is no longer possible.

One of the likely obstacles is the insistence by the current Fiji regime that all political parties in Fiji must sign and abide by the terms of its "peoples charter," an idea which does not go down well in many quarters of the Fiji society.