The new government values Solomon Islands' relationship with Australia and the countries of the Pacific Islands Forum.

Speaking at a post-election press conference, the Hon. Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua, emphasized his government's commitment to "work to re-establish mutual respect and warmth that once characterized our relationships with these countries".

Prime Minister Sikua pledged that his government will "provide leadership that will work closely with [the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands] to achieve clearly stated and agreed objectives for the long-term benefit of Solomon Islands".

"RAMSI is here on our invitation," Dr. Sikua pointed out. "[The mission] is important to Solomon Islands as it provides security, development of our police service, and the strengthening of the capacity of government institutions."

The press conference was informed that the Sikua-led government will enter into close dialogue over the issues that require better understanding and resolution, guided by the Facilitation Act.