Solomon Islands calls on the international community to recognize the Republic of China on Taiwan's good faith and build on the positive momentum achieved in the past months.

In his address to the United Nations 63rd General Assembly in New York Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua says Taiwan has improved its relations with the Peoples Republic of China in recent months.

Dr Sikua said Taiwan has developed an atmosphere of trust, flexibility, pragmatism and a positive spirit to reduce tensions across the Taiwan Straits with greater economic engagement to trade, tourism and cultural exchange.

He said Solomon Islands also noted the intention to replace arms confrontation with negotiation and isolation with engagement.

Dr Sikua said increase dialogue and people to people interaction are all positive developments that should be encouraged.

"The international community must provide the Republic of China on Taiwan with the necessary and appropriate international say, if we are to be responsible and contribute to the maintenance of international peace, stability and security along the Taiwan Straits."