In another major spin of political events, group of men were at the Opposition Leader's office yesterday demanding compensation over statements made by the Solomon Islands Opposition Leader, Dr Derek Sikua.

The compensation was over statements that claimed a Political Appointee; Mr. John Dominic had been issued an Australian visa over false documents he had produced to meet the requirements.

However, amidst the commotion at the Opposition office, police officers were notified and arrived at the scene to advise the group of men to go to the Police Station. Dr. Derek Sikua was also not in the office at the time.

Dr Sikua said the action is appalling and he is surprised that it should come from someone closely associated with the Prime Minister.

The Opposition Leader says he was pleased with the professionalism the police displayed in dealing with the case.

Meanwhile, in confirming the incident to SIBC News, the Central Police says it has advised the group to seek legal advice on the matter.