The multi-agency team sent by the Malaita Provincial Disaster Committee and National Disaster Council last week returns saying problems on Sikaiana are not as bad as Lord Howe Islands.

Team Leader and Disaster Coordinator for Malaita Province, Pearson Simi, says this is because Sikaiana Island is much higher.

However, he says the marks of the king tides which hit the island on 9th December were still visible but did little damage to food gardens.

The health team says noticeable nutritional problems in the Lord Howe islands were not obvious on Sikaiana.

The agriculture team says food is growing well on the island but salt water intrusion through vents that come out in the middle of the island is a worry.

The team says these vents spread salt water on to food gardening areas during king tides and while it is not a problem now, it will be worse in the long run.

The team says most of its findings will be revealed in its report next week.

It however added that it also distributed some relief food supplies to the more than 200 people on Sikaiana during the assessment last week.

The team returned last Friday.

Meanwhile, NDMO says the National Disaster Council will meet next week to look at the Lord Howe report after which another meeting will be convened in February for donors.

NDMO says that meeting is to brief donors about the findings and what likely actions will be needed to alleviate the identified problems.

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