The Media and Communications Department of the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) on Friday 11 September hosted its annual Information and Networking Session with key media professionals from the local mainstream media, Government and other stakeholders.

SICCI has been hosting this Media Information and Networking Sessions annually since 2016 aimed at bolstering the relationship with local Journalists, Media and Public Relations Officers from Government and Non-government institutions whilst at the same time provide a platform to better understand the Chamber’s role in the private sector. It is also an opportunity to explore how SICCI can effectively communicate to its stakeholders.

SICCI Media and Communications Officer, Mr Philip Lilomo highlighted that an important part of the Chamber is to build critical and meaningful partnerships with other important institutions and stakeholders.

“As part of the media plan – we are always looking at creating relationship and better understand how other stakeholders work – at the same time using the opportunity to inform others of what we do and how we can work together,” he said.

The highlight of the evening was a team presentation from SICCI’s different departments from the Media and Communications Officer, Advocacy Officer, Membership and Services Officer, Export Industry Development Officer (EIDO) and from the Young Entrepreneurs Council Solomon Islands (YECSI).

Outgoing SICCI Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ms Atenasi Ata briefly addressed members of the media before the event ended with a networking session where members of the different media organizations in the country had the opportunity to meet members of the SICCI Team.

Ms Ata highlighted the two core functions of the Chamber – firstly being the voice for businesses in advocating on concerns that if addressed, results in the growth of the country’s private sector, and secondly the services provided to members through convening of events which includes trainings, business forums and networking events.

“Our most important assignment to date is the highlighting of business hardships at this time. We regard this as so important as the private sector is depended on for many things but mainly as employers, and as contributors to the national coffers.

“The work of the media is very important to SICCI’s role as the peak body representing private sector, not only because of the publication of our Press Releases but also because your different stories and features also inform our own views.

“From editors right through to the ladies and the men walking the streets, visiting offices and homes, hunting out news and credible sources, staying up and persevering with documenting and transmitting our national news,” the outgoing SICCI CEO told local media workers.

SICCI Media and Communications Officer, Mr Lilomo explains that as the fourth key element of the state – the media is very powerful and with it comes great responsibility to be ethical and to do the right thing.

“This annual event is something I am very happy to see continue. It is about informing the media about the role of the Chamber of Commerce and the work we do on behalf of the private sector, and explore how we can better work together.”

He said driving the Chamber’s branding and awareness through the use of various media outlets includes thoughtful, strategic, and continuous planning.

“One of the best ways to accomplish this is to proactively develop positive and meaningful relationships with the media - reporters, announcers, writers and journalists.

“These partnerships should and can be mutually beneficial, positive and supportive for all parties involved,” Mr Lilomo said.

“I like to think that the Chamber has a positive and frank relationship with the media and we continue looking forward to working closely with the media,” he added.

Source: SICCI Media